I’m writing this, in all honesty, because I have writers block!  So here goes… 10 things you didn’t know about me!

Oh…and I want to hear from you too!  If I’m sharing, so are you, let me know what I don’t know about your life!

And as always, thanks for stopping by!


1.)  I absolutely HATE making my bed.  YUP.  I spent all this money on fancy bed sheets, comforter, etc. and I never make our bed.  It started happening when I worked the 3am news shift years ago, and I never recovered.  To top things off, my husband developed my bad habit too.  Screw it, life is too short to make the bed! Leave it messy!

2.)  I have been watching General Hospital since I was in high school almost 20 years ago.  I NEVER MISS AN EPISODE.

3.)  I developed terrible anxiety two years ago, and get attacks, but only in my sleep.  (weird!)

4.)  I HATE throwing things away, I have a t-shirt from spring break in ’89.  I blame my late grandmother (God rest her soul) she just couldn’t toss things out!

5.)  I am obsessed with clean shoes, and have three baskets full of shoe-shining tools.  I can polish even the messiest shoes, I’m a pro.  I get that one from my dad.  He loves a clean pair of shoes.

6.)  I HATE TAKING SELFIES, but do it anyway.  I feel like such an idiot!  And I never look like myself!

7.)  I love taking care of my skin, especially my face.  I am  trying to win the war on aging.

8.)  I love to cook, it really does bring me joy.

9.)  No one close to me ever calls me by my first name.  No one. (not even my parents)

10.)  I am really self-conscious about my look, how I chose a profession that is all about my appearance is beyond me.  I always feel too fat, too tired, my hair too frizzy, the list goes on and on.

Your turn!